UK Magistrate Removed From Bench, NHS Board Over Stance on Placing Children With Mother, Father Loses Appeal

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    KENT — A U.K. magistrate who was removed from office for telling the media that he believes it is best for adoptive children to be placed with a mother and father, and later also prohibited from returning to his position on the board of the National Health Service (NHS) Trust, has lost his appeal over the matter. The booted judge says that the outcome shows the reality that Christians are living in a “deeply intolerant society.”

    An employment appeal tribunal ruled on Wednesday that Richard Page, a judge for 15 years who sat on the Family Panel of the Kent Central Magistrates Court, was not discriminated against when he lost his job for making his remarks to the media. It said that Page’s remarks show that he could not be impartial as a judge.

    Page’s removal was “a proportionate limitation upon his right to freedom of expression and as such would be regarded as necessary in a democratic society for maintaining the authority or impartiality of the judiciary,” Justice Akhlaq Choudhury wrote on behalf of the court.

    “His statement that it was his responsibility to do what was best for the child and that it was better if it were a man and a woman to be adoptive parents does suggest that he would regard an adoption by parents who do not fit that mold less favorably, irrespective of the evidence before the court and/or the law,” he stated. “That, in our judgment, is potentially a very serious flouting of the judicial

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