Unanswered Questions About Epstein’s Death

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    Official: There Is No Video Of Epstein’s Death…..

    Corruption: I do not believe the government is the solution for everything, but I do not place any faith, trust, or hope in politicians to fix what is wrong with the world. “Come Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)

    Did Jeffrey Epstein commit suicide or was he murdered?  This is a question that is being debated by millions of Americans right now, and without a doubt, this is the biggest story of this news cycle.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media is already dropping the ball.  Instead of going wherever the evidence leads them, there already seems to be a tremendous effort to marginalize any explanations for his death other than “suicide”.  And it may turn out that “suicide” is where the evidence takes us, but while things are unclear we should not be afraid to ask the hard questions.

    As news broke of billionaire sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death this past weekend, there were calls for video footage to be immediately released, in order to prove what the vast majority disbelieve, that he could have committed suicide.

    But, there is no video, according to officials.

    First, there were reports that 24-hour cameras were malfunctioning:

    Paul Joseph Watson@PrisonPlanet

    You’ve got to be kidding me. …Michael Coudrey@MichaelCoudreyBREAKING: Alleged “camera malfunction” last night at MCC where Jeffrey Epstein was locked up.#EpsteinFiles34.5K10:33 AM – Aug 10, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy12.5K people are talking about this

    Then the news came that, actually, there are no cameras watching cells in

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at HNewsWire

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