Unhinged lunatic Barbra Streisand tweets picture of Nancy Pelosi killing Trump

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    Liberalism, as I’ve repeatedly said since February 2011, is an ideology of insane and often bloodthirsty rage and hate.  One of the latest examples of the insanity that now drives the left comes to us courtesy of aging Hollywood leftist Barbra Streisand, who thought it would be great to tweet a cartoon of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi killing President Trump.

    The picture she tweeted showed a cartoon Trump impaled on the heel of a shoe with “Pelosi” emblazoned on it.

    — Barbra Streisand (@BarbraStreisand) October 19, 2019

    Twitchy explained:

    Trending: Cartoon of the Day: Democracy Dies in Darkness

    Turns out that cartoon’s pretty old — it dates back to January, and it’s still up on Twitter. If it’s any consolation, the blood draining out of Trump is actually his red tie … made to look like blood draining out. Plus there’s the “bloody shoes” shoutout to Bernie Sanders superfan Cardi B.

    Nancy the boss… #Savage #TrumpShutdown @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi

    — Andy Marlette (@AndyMarlette) January 25, 2019

    The reaction on Twitter was predictable:

    I’m guessing the @nytimes won’t be doing a 23 page article on how this incites violence.

    — Thistle Blower. (@somethi79963647)

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