United States bungles pro-life vote at UN, pro-abortion Europe laughs

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    January 3, 2019 (C-Fam) – The European Union has proved a tough adversary for the U.S., outmaneuvering U.S. pro-life diplomatic effort at UN headquarters in recent weeks, and signaling that they will not cede on abortion policy in development and humanitarian assistance.

    Following several months of U.S. opposition to abortion-related terms in UN resolutions, the U.S. attempted to delete references to “sexual and reproductive health” through last-minute amendments in several UN resolutions on December 17 and December 14, as the General Assembly wrapped up its annual work.

    In an effort to isolate the U.S. delegation, the EU diplomatic machinery actively opposed U.S. pro-life efforts in embassies and ministries all around the world. By the 17th, only one country supported the U.S. amendments in the General Assembly.

    A delegate of the Netherlands, a leading pro-abortion delegation, chuckled as he interrupted voting in the General Assembly to mock U.S. pro-life efforts.

    “We are just a little confused about what is going on here, but let’s continue to vote,” he joked, pointing to the voting screen that showed the U.S. had lost all support.

    The Europeans’ diplomatic advantage was overwhelming. They refused to even entertain a modest U.S. proposal to qualify “sexual and

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