‘Unplanned’ Movie’s Abby Johnson Says Mothers Who Have Their Babies Killed by Abortion Should Not Be ‘Punished’

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    Abby Johnson, the center of the film “Unplanned,” which tells of the former Planned Parenthood director’s departure from the abortion industry, is generating questions and opposition as she has outlined on social media that she does not believe that mothers who take their unborn children to be killed by abortionists should be punished at all — a position that some say is “pro-choice” and does not afford the unborn the same protections under the law as born children. Johnson, a Roman Catholic and Texas resident who had two abortions herself, opposed the bill recently put forward in Texas that would have removed an exemption from the law for “conduct committed by the mother of the unborn child,” characterizing those behind the legislation as “extremists.”

    “I don’t believe in punishing women who seek to have abortion services,” a photograph shared on Saturday by Johnson’s “And Then There Were None” organization states.

    “This shouldn’t even have to be said. We are better than this,” text above the photo states, followed by the hashtags “prolife” and “prowoman.”

    As of press time, the post had over 700 likes, and only 7 dissenters.

    Johnson was among those who opposed a bill before the Texas legislature that would have not only made it illegal for abortionists to kill the unborn, but also for the mother to use means to personally murder the child herself.

    One screenshot being shared online by those who are disappointed in Johnson shows a woman asking Johnson, “Do you

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