US monitoring cargo planes from Iran to Syria

    Updated: April 25, 2018 at 4:32 pm EST  See Comments

    Israel and the United States suspect a series of cargo flights from Iran to Syria may be transporting weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iranian forces in his country, CNN reported on Wednesday.

    Jerusalem and Washington are worried the cargo planes could be carrying arms that would be aimed at Israel.

    Among the flights that caught the attention of US intelligence were two flights by Syrian Air Force IL-76 cargo jets and at least one of an Iranian cargo jet, according to CNN.

    A YK-ATD plane has been making regular flights between the two countries in the wake of the Western strike. A look at its flight routes shows the plane took off last week from Damascus to Tehran, a two hour flight. Six hours later, the plane was back in the air returning to Syria, but this time to an airport in Aleppo, north of Homs. After several hours on the ground, the plane took off again to a Syrian air force base in Damascus. This unusual flight route was repeated at least three times over the past week, and it is believed the plane was transporting military equipment from the Revolutionary Guards to Assad’s forces.

    Another Syrian cargo plane, a YK-ATB, has also been making regular flights over the past week between Aleppo and Damascus.

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