Vermont Candidate for Governor Thinks ‘Radicalized Christians’ Are A Threat

    Updated: August 16, 2018 at 7:17 am EST  See Comments

    The Democratic Nominee for Governor of Vermont, Christine Hallquist, tweeted in 2017 her distaste of Christians by claiming that Americans currently ‘tolerate’ them.

    “And we worry about sharia law!!” Hallquist tweeted in June 2017 along with a link to an article from “LGBTQ Nation” about a girl disqualified from a soccer team because she looked like a boy. “Radicalized Christians are a part of the American landscape, and we tolerate it.”

    Furthermore, in 2018 Hallquist tweeted that ‘Christian evangelist’s are just downright crazy.’ However, Hallquist’s disdain for Christian Conservatives was on display in other tweets as well.

    In addition, the candidate claimed in an interview with CNN to not know what socialism is and also stated that capitalism is incredibly flawed.

    Hallquist also claims that a living wage and health care for all are apart of a civilized society.

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