VICTORY: Organizers announce they’re abandoning “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Houston after MassResistance exposé.

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    !!Drag Queen in Houston performed oral sex on an 8 year old boy and had the boy reciprocate court documents reveal!! SEE HERE

    Just about everyone believed that stopping the “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Houston would be politically impossible. It had aggressive support from the Mayor and other prominent politicians, as well as the library officials.

    But Houston MassResistance ignored that message. They dived right into the battle – protesting outside the library and confronting the politicians at City Hall.

    Last week, Houston MassResistance revealed that one of the “Drag Queens” was a convicted child molester. That was followed by a firestorm of media coverage largely slamming the City of Houston. And we made it clear we’re preparing to reveal even more.

    Organizers announce they’re stopping the program!

    Finally, the Drag Queen organizers announced they’ve had enough and are halting the program! On Tuesday, March 19, the two outside organizers of the event published an article in Houstonia magazineannouncing that they were “stepping aside” and discontinuing Drag Queen Story Hour.

    In a sense, at this point they had no choice. We suspect the political establishment actually made this call. The outrage over a sex offender being in the room with children, as well as the whole concept of mingling homosexual Drag Queens with small children, had become widespread and probably overwhelming. We can just imagine the flood of phone calls and emails the Houston Library and city offices must have received.

    A dishonest and misleading article

    The Houstonia magazine article very likely made things even worse. In true left-wing style, the organizers attempted to portray themselves and the Drag Queens as the actual victims! They claimed that the Drag Queens care only about “literacy and acceptance” and were unfairly maligned by bigoted parents. But it also brings up even more disturbing questions. Some examples: READ MORE

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