Video: CNN hack Chris Cuomo threatens physical violence against Trump supporter; CNN spox defends Cuomo

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    In a YouTube video released Monday by an independent journalist with “That’s the Point with Brandon,” CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo is seen verbally berating and threatening a man identified as a Trump supporter with physical violence after he was referred to as “Fredo.”

    “I’ll f**king ruin your shit. I’ll f**king throw you down these stairs like a f**king punk,” Cuomo told the man.  In all, Newsbusters said, Cuomo used the “f-bomb” some 25 times during the incident.

    Nicholas Fondacaro set the stage for the incident:

    Before the video started rolling, the unidentified man apparently called Cuomo by the name “Fredo.” The name was a stinging nickname stemming from the disgraced Fedo Corleone character in The Godfather film. Over the years, it’s been a favorite jab at him from people on the right. But according to Cuomo, it was an ethnic slur on par with the “N-word”

    Fondacaro said that “[a]s a second-generation Italian-American, this author has never heard ‘Fredo’ used as an ethnic slur, let alone it being on the same level as the ‘N-word’. It’s normally an insult meaning the person was the black sheep of the family, or the lesser in a family.”

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