Video of the Day: Democrat James Clyburn says Bill of Rights might not survive if put to the public today

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    It’s rare that we ever agree with anything a Democrat says, for obvious reasons.  And we almost never agree with anything Dem. Rep. James Clyburn ever says.  But we have to give him props this time.

    While appearing on MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal hate and rage, he said that if the Bill of Rights were put to the public today, it probably would not survive a vote.  Sadly, thanks to our liberal media and our public indoctrination, er, education, system, that’s probably more true than anyone realizes.

    “I really believe sincerely, the climate we are in today… if the Bill of Rights — the first ten amendments of the Unites States Constitution — were put before the public today, were put before the public today, I’m not too sure that we would hold on to the Bill of Rights,” he said.

    When asked if he really believed that, he said, “Absolutely.”  He went on to say that he has run across a number of people who would love to see them thrown out.  Of course, a lot of those people are in his own party.

    Here’s video of his statement, as posted to Twitter by MRC:

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