Video of the Day: Facebook silences Deneen Borelli

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    In a video posted to YouTube and Facebook on Tuesday, conservative Deneen Borelli said that after two years and nearly 200 episodes of her program, “Here’s the Deal,” she is forced to quit producing her videos for TheBlaze TV, thanks to Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

    “After two years and nearly 200 episodes of busting up leftist lies, this is my last episode of Here’s the Deal for BlazeTV,” she said on Facebook.

    “My videos once drew millions of views, but thanks to Big Tech’s suppression of conservative voices, my videos are hardly seen at all. My show was fact-based: No conspiracy theories, no calls to action, and frankly nothing to be afraid of other than the truth. I have lost this battle to Mark Zuckerberg, but let me be clear: I am down but not out. You cannot silence me.”

    Here’s the video:

    [embedded content]

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    As we and others have reported, this type of censorship is nothing new, and is the subject of a White House summit on social media.

    Naturally, the liberal propaganda machine known as the “mainstream media” is reporting this as a

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