Video of the Day: Watch Dan Rather claim ‘truth is closing in’ on Trump, who is running a cult

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    While appearing on fake news CNN, disgraced propagandist Dan Rather absurdly claimed that the “truth is closing in” on President Trump, who, he alleges, is running a cult.

    It’s becoming increasingly apparent that truth is closing in. Truth does matter,” he told Brian Stelter.  As if he would know what the truth really is.

    Rather, Newsbusters informs us, “still claims his lies about Bush were true.”

    He also told Stelter that Trump’s support seems cultish.  Keep in mind this is the same Dan Rather who thinks it’s the media job to shame Trump supporters.

    Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

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    Here’s a partial transcript, courtesy of Newsbusters:

    RATHER: I think we’ve seen the last few days, as to say, truth has begun to close in. Facts are beginning to matter. The difference between facts and the truth, people under oath and the false narratives that have been put out in way of defense is beginning to tell.

    Now, whether it’s making a deep enough impression on public opinion to convince enough in the Republican Party in power to begin to say to themselves, “look, we

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