Video: Unhinged gay activist assaults black conservative, threatens to kill him at Sacramento State

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    In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, an individual identified as Keaton Hill, a left-wing LGBT activist, assaulted Floyd Johnson II, president emeritus of the Sacramento State College Republicans.  Additionally, Hill can be heard threatening to kill Johnson, a black conservative.

    According to the State Hornet, the college newspaper:

    The video shows Hill repeatedly reaching for Johnson’s phone before (Johnson friend Henry) Seufert restrains Hill, who repeatedly tells Johnson “You’re gonna end up fucking dead.”

    When Hill breaks out of Seufert’s hold, he knocks Johnson’s phone out of his hand, after which Johnson is heard saying “that is not okay.”

    Hill then walks off and a woman is seen asking Johnson and Seufert if they are okay and telling Johnson he can file a report, which Johnson replies “I know, yeah.”

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    “I apologize for lunging at Floyd’s phone,” Hill said Friday evening. “Although I strongly emphasize that it was not without provocation.”

    Kaitlin Bennett posted a video of the incident to Twitter:

    This deranged leftist and LGBT activist named Keaton Hill assaulted and threatened to kill @FJtheDeuce,

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