Virginia Bill Would Require Filter on Pornographic Content

    Updated: January 31, 2018 at 7:10 am EST  See Comments

    A bill being proposed in the Virginia House of Delegates is looking to reduce trafficking by making pornography less accessible on the Internet.

    House Bill 1592, also known as the Human Trafficking Prevention Act, would require a filter for providers of devices that have access to the Internet, like your phone or computer.

    Users, who are of legal age, would have to pay a $20 fee to remove the filter on any new device they buy.

    House Bill No. 1592 by WSET on Scribd

    “By public education, the next generation is very well informed that exploitation has consequences,” Jessica Neely, a human trafficking survivor told WRIC in Richmond. “Endorsing this bill, getting behind it and making sure it passes, your state — Virginia — makes the choice that girls like myself can choose recovery.”

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