WA gun prohibitionists exploit New Jersey ‘hate crime’ shooting

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    A gun prohibition lobbying group headquartered in Seattle, Washington is exploiting an apparent “hate crime” shooting in Jersey City that claimed four lives, declaring in an email, “Once again, we bear witness to the deadly consequences of hate fueled by a gun.”

    A Washington state-based gun control group is trying to exploit the hate-crime murders of four people in Jersey City, New Jerey.

    But news reports about the suspects in that shooting strongly suggest their hatred – if that is what ignited the Jersey City rampage – didn’t need firearms to fuel it.

    According to WABC, “The killers then drove a stolen rental van over a mile to the JC Kosher Market, where they waged a drawn-out battle with police that filled the streets with the sound of high-powered rifle fire and turned the city into what looked like a war zone.”

    Conveniently ignored by the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility in what amounts to a fund raising email effort are some important facts. New Jersey has some of the most extremely restrictive gun control laws in the nation. According to NBC News, one of the now-deceased suspects, Francine Graham, purchased two of the guns recovered at the crime scene

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