Walmart Releases ‘Love Is in the Aisle’ Video Depicting Two Men Meeting Up for ‘Blind Date’ at Store

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    “He’s Pat. He’s Andy. They’re going on a blind date at their local Walmart to see if love is in the aisle,” states a controversial video recently posted to social media by mega-retailer Walmart.

    The Facebook post is one of three “Love Is in the Aisle” videos released by Walmart in February, which depict single shoppers meeting up to go on a blind date at the store.

    “Oh my [Lord’s name in vain], you’re handsome!” Pat exclaims to Andy upon meeting him at the entrance.

    The men walk through the store jokingly discussing various items, such as coconuts, cast iron pans and 3-in-1 body wash. Andy also opens a box of oatmeal cookies in the store and has Pat try one.

    “You’re gonna have one of these right now,” he says. “You’re gonna eat it right up. It’s gonna be awesome.”

    “This is amazing,” Pat replies after taking a bite.

    At the end of the video, the two men express a mutual interest in each other.

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    “I don’t know why, but I like Andy,” Pat states.

    “Grocery shopping is usually a chore, but Pat made it fun,” Andy remarks. “And I would very much like to go grocery shopping again with him sometime.”

    The marketing effort has generated both praise and concern, with some opining that the video is “pretty cute” and others stating that the advertisement is “disappointing.”

    “Walmart, you may want to

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