Watch: An atheist woman tells powerful story about her horrid treatment at Planned Parenthood

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    You’ve likely seen many videos about Planned Parenthood that tell exposing horror stories about the abortion giant, but many are written off as biased, or “heavily edited.” This latest one by Apologia Studios, however, takes a story from a source that can’t be dismissed with accusations of bias.

    The women’s website Sheologians received a testimony in an email from a woman who tells her heart-wrenching tale of being raped, becoming pregnant and going to the place she had been told all her life to go to when seeking help with an unplanned pregnancy.

    The video is read by a woman named Summer White, who reads the email as if she was the one who wrote it. After reading the woman’s words about her rape, she says that she was certain that Planned Parenthood would provide what was necessary for prenatal care, counseling, and — not abortion — but information for adoption agencies.

    “That’s not what I found,” reads White.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at The Blaze

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    I found this video Please enable JavaScript


    I don’t understand. Why would the video be private?

    Wendy A Tai
    Wendy A Tai

    WOW.. You can’t watch this and not be grateful to God Almighty. Thank you Lord that you were with her and guided her.

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