Watch Dem Rep. Jerrold Nadler get much deserved dose of truth from heckler for refusing to accept reality

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    The Mueller Report was not the only dose of Truth released yesterday. Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) held a press conference calling for further investigation of the Russiagate witch hunt and got a dose of truth from a local heckler.

    “You guys are a bunch of losers! Good job, dirtbags, good job!” the heckler shouted, interrupting the Democrat congressman several times during the press conference.

    When a reporter asked Nadler whether the Barr letter gave him any concern about how “the parties would move forward.” The heckler shouted, “You’re behind, Nadler! You’re not gonna move forward!”

    Nadler grew visibly upset as the heckler then shouted: “Good job, dirtbags, good job!”

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    It’s a good thing he didn’t get too angry, that might make his stomach un-staple.

    It does make one wonder if Nadler tries to get his Iranian buddies to go after the heckler, I am talking about the Iranian buddies the ones who convinced him to vote for the lousy anti-American, pro-terrorist nuke deal.

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    You are not aware Jerrold? Mueller is a special counsel, not a special prosecutor. That’s the way it is supposed

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