Were Virginia gun owners just outspent, or just didn’t vote?

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    Gun control groups crowing about the Democratic takeover of the Virginia legislature, which will reportedly result in next year’s full-court press on restrictive gun legislation, apparently had two things on their side: Big money and what might appear to be low turnout.

    Virginia gun owners weren’t just outspent, they simply didn’t vote, it appears, with only about a 40 percent turnout of the state’s voters. (YouTube screen snip)

    Virginia saw a turnout of “nearly 40 percent of voters statewide,” according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

    In an “off” year that’s good, according to Andrew Cain, state politics editor at the Richmond Post-Dispatch, who chatted via telephone. That was actually up from 29 percent in 2015.

    But how many of the 60 percent who stayed home are Old Dominion gun owners? How many of them will now be singing the blues when anti-gun Gov. Ralph Northam, backed by a Democrat-controlled legislature, starts what could be a gun control juggernaut in January?

    Northam is set to push his full gun control agenda, including a ban on so-called “assault rifles” and original capacity magazines, one-gun-a-month limit, so-called “safe storage”/child access prevention, and other schemes.

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