What Got Pastor Steven Anderson Banned from Ireland

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    Every church, whether large or small, needs a pastor who will shepherd, lead, feed, and guide the people to spiritual growth and service for the Lord Jesus. In larger churches, a senior pastor often shepherds the pastoral team in addition to shepherding the congregation. As a result, a senior pastor should be held to an even higher standard of agreement to 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9 than other pastoral roles.

    Last week, Tempe pastor Steven Anderson became the first person ever to be banned from Ireland. The hate-spewing, Holocaust-denying preacher already has been banned from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Canada, among others, but here in Arizona, his strip-mall-based Faithful Word Baptist Church holds three meetings a week and claims to have 300 members.

    Anderson’s plans to preach to a congregation in Dublin on May 26 sparked immediate backlash, with over 14,000 people signing a petition to “prevent American hate-pastor Steven Anderson from preaching in Ireland.” On May 12, Ireland’s minister for justice signed an exclusion order barring Anderson from entering the country. Here are some excerpts from Phoenix New Times articles that explain why the people of Ireland want to keep Anderson out:

    He praised the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando for leaving “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

    Anderson, who in his sermons and online rants previously has called for the death

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