Why The Left’s Grand Vision Of Open Borders And Population Control Is Doomed To Failure

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    The Left thinks there are too many people on the planet, and they openly cheer anything that pushes those numbers down.

    Not only does the left openly speculate about not having kids themselves because Mother Gaia says so, but they are actively pushing other parts of the world to radically change their attitudes toward large families.

    In particular, they are pressuring the developing world to embrace small families, birth control and abortion. Said differently, the better-than-you secular left elites have decided that the world needs to hear (and obey!) their Gospel of Gaia.

    Nor are they above using bribery or compulsion to MAKE them adopt the left’s religious zeal toward their moral imperatives.

    We see this attitude with AOC preaching about not having kids herself to ‘save the environment’, with Bernie proclaiming that he’s going to promote population control in poor countries and people like Bill Gates openly promoting population control for years. In fact, they’re upset that they are falling behind their current population control goals.

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    At the same time, the very same people on the left are promoting open borders as a moral imperative.


    Because they would

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