Woman Who Nearly Died in Cairo Bombing Saw Visions of Jesus

    Updated: February 8, 2018 at 5:25 pm EST  See Comments

    A woman who was injured and left disfigured from a church bombing in Cairo, Egypt in Dec. 2016 has not given in to discouragement and despair, and instead has said that Jesus sustained her and even appeared to her in visions.

    The Christian Post reports on Samiha Tawfiq Awad’s incredible story. Awad and her husband, Qalini, were attending St. Peter’s Church on the morning of Dec. 11 when the attack occurred.

    Awad was very near the explosion and was badly injured. Qalini rushed her to the hospital where she fought for her life and was very near death. She was so disfigured from the bombing that she was barely recognizable.

    Despite this horrific trial, Awad says Jesus allowed her to pull through. He even gave her the grace to forgive the perpetrators.

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