It’s official Apple’s next goal is to eliminate cash, within the next few years. Tim Cook, Apple’s homosexual CEO, claims that Apple Pay could be the catalyst that ultimately gets the world to switch from cash to total digital payments, and the New World Order.

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The late Steve Jobs brought the world a new way to look at technology, but Apple, under Tim Cook might just change how the world thinks about money.

“We would like to be a catalyst for taking cash out of the system,” Cook said. “We don’t think the consumer particularly likes cash.”

Apple Pay is a digital payment service which was released in 2014. Users who store their credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards with the service can pay at checkout in stores by waving their iPhones near a terminal. However, Apple is not the only company trying to bring about a cashless world; so are Google and Samsung.


The turning point for Apple Pay is to garner banks into their service, and within the last two years banks, stores, and ATM locations, have all begun to transition into the new era.

Currently, the world is in a transition phase, and one of the key transitioning points to bring about the New World Order is to remove the “need” for cash or real money.

While Tim Cook doesn’t state the methodology behind bringing about the cashless world, it’s rather clear how it would come about – the Mark of the Beast. Apple Pay begins with Apple Phones, and then with Apple Watches, and then eventually – an embeddable chip. Currently, Apple Pay must be linked to plastic to work, and while smartphones are ubiquitous in the U.S., that’s not the case in most other countries. To top that problem off, Apple Pay is only compatible with Apple products, which would leave out more than a billion people worldwide who use Android-based handsets. Plus, the rest of the world who doesn’t use a smartphone or others who utilize different operating systems.

For the world to go completely cashless, as both Google and Apple are attempting it would take collaboration on all levels. It would take a monopoly-like organization to bring about a totalitarian cashless society. Not to mention, for those of us who utilize cash it would require the total devaluation of cash.

Physical Money is hard to manipulate, whereas numbers on a screen can easily be manipulated by whoever and or whatever; such as the bankers, the globalists, and artificial intelligence. Which means, that an individual would no longer own assets, rather they would just own digital numbers on a screen.

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For the system to work totally it would have to require the people of the world to use their system as a lifeline, for say no one shall buy or sell lest they have the Mark of the Beast. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is attempting to bring about the Mark of the Beast through a “cashless” world.

—Revelation 13:17 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

It is beyond evident that mankind is going through the final transition phase spoken of in scripture. The move to a New World Order is what comes next, and under such New World Order – there will be no cash it will all be digitally manipulated, and of course it will require the Mark of the Beast.

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