In the near future cash will no longer be king, rather plastic and embedded microchips will be the new super powers of economics.

Imagine a world where instead of cash or money, you earned credits for every hour you worked, and instead of physical assets like cash or checks, you earned digital numbers. The modern world is rapidly turning towards this dystopian future, where the convenience of using electronics at the checkout is about to rule out earning physical assets. While some may argue that cash is not a physical asset, it is physical, it is paper, you can hold it, you can see it, and you can spend it. While it may not be as ‘physical’ as real assets like silver and or gold – it is still more physical than plastic and digital numbers.

Almost 40% of both Americans and Europeans would be okay with the unfolding reality mentioned above. Shockingly, 34 percent of Europeans and 38 percent of Americans would rather use the convenience of technology over cash. Twenty-one percent and 34 percent in Europe and the United States, respectively, said they already rarely use cash.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos for the ING bank website eZonomics, and the results are quite daunting.


ING spoke to Reuters in regards to the results;

Ian Bright, managing director of group research for ING wholesale banking, said he did not believe people would quit cash entirely, but the direction was obvious.

“More and more people will end up with a situation where they can quite comfortably get by for two days, three days, four days, even a week, without ever using cash,” he told Reuters Television.

But surveys and reports don’t quite show just how close this dystopian cashless society actually is; it is so close, that in some countries the issue has become political. The more people that turn to the card or to the mobile phone’s digital wallet over cash, the more this future comes into the mainstream.

Contactless cards and mobile technology are not the only stop of the cashless world; rather there is a far more sinister agenda at play here; the Mark of the Beast. Potentially through technology, the world could see the rise of the Beast System, in fact, it’s also rising in the background of our society on the back of the cashless world.

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As the cashless world approaches, the bankers have something else in store for humanity, a ‘new’ credits system. Imagine going to work for hours on end per week and instead of a ‘paycheck’ you received points or credits for your efforts. Through those points, you could make purchases and such but never actually earn a single dime. While this sounds rather outlandish, the system is being put in place as you’re reading this.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and others are working on collectively bringing this agenda about. It’s called life-long learning.

Technology is advancing at such a pace, but humans do not know how to operate such technology, so conglomerate corporations are using modules to teach the employees how to run the machines that will one day replace them. But, the companies are not offering this education for free, rather it’s an actual course, like college, that the employees have to pay for, and in return, they get ‘credits’ or points.

In large part, the system is being implemented by the United Nations and the Club of Rome, and they collectively are bringing about what is called life-long learning. Their plan: ‘Implement lifelong work and learning- with the “advances” in health care, they believe humans should work longer, and in order to work they must take part in lifelong learning to earn points.’ Learn more about this agenda, here.

Smart Cities

The agenda for a cashless society is part of a much larger plan, the ‘Smart City.’ While ING and other banks or focused on creating the cashless world, MasterCard together with Parag Khanna and other globalists are focused on constructing the smart cities of the New World Order.

Smart cities are incredibly invasive and give governments enormous amount of data on each citizen. Imagine Facebook as government, and the depiction of what the globalists are creating becomes quite clear. When you click a link on Facebook, Facebook through code, tracks you all over the web, seeing where you go, what you do, what you buy, how you smile, and so on. In a smart city, it would be quite similar, but don’t take my word for it, below is the PDF produced by MasterCard and Parag Khanna titled ‘U.S. Cities Drive the New World Order.’

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Online, our personally identifiable information, is tracked, but in a smart city or a mega city, we, physically, are tracked. Tech giants, bankers, and those who remain in secret are constructing this world right now.