Mapping the New World Order: Connectography To Redefine Geography and Shape a Global Civilization

The Cabal is attempting to condition the masses into accepting a global map, through connectivity or “connectography.” The New World Order map will redefine current geography and shape a global civilization.

Imagine a world where borders no longer exist, state sovereignty doesn’t matter, and every single individual is connected to each other through technology that allows them to share thoughts rather than tweets instantaneously and wirelessly. Imagine a world where the map was not based on geopolitics but rather megacities, and infrastructure. Imagine a world where the map was not based on geography but rather based on mankind’s connectedness.

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The New World Order map is coming to fruition through the removal of national borders and state Sovereignty. While the world collectivizes and heads towards  and connectedness, the cabal is making their power play to remove individual liberty. The age of the “master builder” is rising to create vast megacities while the individual right to own land is diminishing. Technology is advancing to build immediate thought-based communication while individual right to privacy is vastly decreasing. The trend of the New World Order is evident, the cabal is defacing liberty to create slaves, and removing borders to diminish sovereignty. Such of which is how the cabal is mapping the agenda for a global order.

Technology and infrastructure have paved the way for connecting the world. Companies like Facebook are acting on the “connectivity” to reshape the world as we know it and create a New World Order. Defacing the current geopolitical structure removes the individuality and sovereignty from a single country, ethnicity, and or geographic location and gives rise to a global civilization. Connecting the world into a single race, rather than the current multi-race system would require the removal of faiths, ethnicities, languages, and so on. Removing those boundaries and borders would embark the world on a journey it would never return from and would build a system of slavery, a system of elitism, and a system of hive-mindedness.

The current map of the world, the geopolitical map, is based on countries and borders; the new map would be based on megacities, transportation, and connectedness. The foundation for megacities relies on that of total slavery and the removal of land rights. In a world based on megacities, the governing body owns the agriculture, the vast amounts of land, and shoves the citizens or slaves into huge cities which are called megacities. This is also known as urbanization.

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In America for example, the urbanization plan requires the population to relocate to larger cities and vacate the small towns and surrounding areas. The plan for relocation in America has largely been a success because local governments are pouring money into the major cities and systematically forcing people out of their homes and into apartments or rental homes within the cities. This urbanization clears the land for governmental bodies or gigantic corporations to go in and purchase the property which then removes land rights from the populace and into the hands of governments. Thus, creating the vast opportunity for urbanization and furthering the agenda of the Megacity. Depleting citizens of land ownership has various effects most of which are psychological.

The global urbanization plan began long before 2000, and as the UN predicted over half the world would live in an “urban” area by the year 2008. Just eight years later, 2016, and well over half of the global population is considered to live in an urban area. In the future, under the United Nations Agenda for 2030, the rest of the world will get “urbanized.” The globalist agenda seems to mean well for humanity, however, a closer look at the plan and it reveals the real purpose. The world will be ruled by corporations and such fits the Connectography map.

“The grand strategy America will find very difficult to contain.” – Khanna
The Mideast needs a whole new map — one focused on connectivity rather than division. – Khanna
The North American Union – Khanna

The world renowned global strategist Parag Khanna, claims that a world based on megacities rather than nation states would be the answer to geopolitical turmoil and inequality. Just the same as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who claims connectedness and lack of empathy are the cause of fundamentalism. When in reality connectedness and megacities are what is dividing us all, even though some individuals are in the same room. Khanna also claims that this will be the age of the “master builder,” and the urban planner. But what about the age of land ownership and property rights, renting an apartment is great, but it’s not the same as “your own piece of dirt.”

“The notion of sovereignty as an absolute, dominating principle is not only intellectually mitigated by two countries that happen to like each other, but it’s something much more than just the intellectual shift, it’s a physical unification of those countries. The European Union (EU) is obviously the foremost example, because it actually began as a cross-border infrastructure supply-chain management system. It was all about managing the coal industry of Europe, collectively. So infrastructure has always played a role, particularly over the last 70 years, in demonstrably changing politics between countries.

This same phenomenon is being replicated all over the world. Our relations with Canada and Mexico are very different today than they were. That’s not just because of NAFTA, but because of oil and gas pipelines, railways, and other kinds of projects, which physically link our countries like, for example, the San Diego-Tijuana airport terminal, or the fact that Mexico has liberalized its energy sector and now we’re investing there…

…My premise in the book is that we will inevitably become a North American union. It will not have a supranational structure, because three countries don’t need a supranational structure. Twenty-five countries do, but not three. I believe that we are moving towards our own kind of North American Union that will not look like the EU, but it will be more of a union than ever before. And we can appreciate it better if we look at the existing infrastructure connectivity of North America, which is very extensive. The two most legally trafficked borders in the world, every day, 365 days a year, are our two borders with Mexico and Canada. So it’s kind of ridiculous to be talking about a wall that’s going to stop 5,000 random illegal migrants. It’s a rounding error, it’s an utterly insignificant number.” – The Cipher

In the age of the “master builder” there would be no individual liberty but rather collective rights and constant censorship and surveillance. Megacities will not connect the world and better map the future but rather divide and conquer us all. Removing states rights further revokes individual rights, and removing individual liberties – brings about global slavery and taxation. However, the populace would not notice the swift power grab because all while the cabal makes the grab, the people are too busy in their augmented virtual reality.

The cabal of the world is mapping their end game all while mapping human movement through geospatial engineering. Deceiving the masses into believing that connectedness is the entire end to hostility when rather it is the beginning of totalitarian rule and the end to individualism and liberty.

The map of the New World Order is a map based on connectedness rather than national borders or geopolitics. The map of the NWO is the map built based on regions. Below is an example of what Khanna believes the map of America should look like. Khanna is also an advocate for the North American Union.

The 50 States redefined into FEMA regions!

Overwhelmingly obvious is the plan to build FEMA regions and remove the borders surrounding countries and states. This gives rise to the totalitarian rule by the New World Order under FEMA like regions, not only across the US but across the world effectively placing the world under a Global Martial Law.

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