New World Order: The Financial Crisis to do away with US and EU National Sovereignty has BEGUN, Italy is next.

The EU financial crisis is set to implode national sovereignty, give further control to the globalists, and take down the current EU and US borders. The agenda is for the New World Order and Italy is next to fall.

In the wake of the Brexit another country is set to implode, Italy. Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi is set to defy European Union bureaucrats by pumping billions of pounds into his country’s failing banks.

Trading closed on Monday for Italy, the oldest bank in the country Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena must come up with $14 Billion to meet the European Unions requirements which it is failing to do. The banks of Italy had a total outstanding debt of forty-six billion euros at the end of 2015, to remain apart of the European Union, the banks have to pay off 30% of that over the course of three years. To accept this plan Italy must schedule payment agreements, and according to the president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, Italy has yet to showcase the recovery plan.

Italy is only one of the countries which are failing under EU policy. Even the likes of Germany are beginning to falter under the pressure of the EU, but Germany blames the Brexit, Britons freedom, as the straw that broke the camels back.

Regardless of what country is next, there is a strong sign that the European Union is and will fail sooner rather than later. Italy’s Prime Minister is set to defy the European bureaucrats by dumping billions of stocks to “keep alive” the failing banks. Yet again, this places the European Union and Italy at odds.

Something drastically strange is emerging with the European crisis. The satanic elite have for far too long stood behind the European Union, but as of late; it would appear as though they are gearing up for a massive movement of control over the failing European Union. Which means that the Brexit was just the start of a larger agenda, set in place to destroy the European Union to install more control over the Europe. Such of which, Germany and France recently signed; it’s called the European Superstate. The ES will supersede the EU, and will bring about a much more controlled environment over Europe. The ES, will have a centralized military, and banking system. No more shall the smaller countries exist within the EU, they will retain their countries names but loose their independent militaries and loose their independent currencies. All of this would mean that a big financial crisis is about to strike Europe.

However, strangely enough the exact same thing is gearing up for the United States. There is a financial agenda, to restructure borders within the United States to where only regions would exist and the states would be no longer.

The agenda is clear, the motive is control, and it is all set to begin within a matter of months; that is, if it has not already begun.

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