As humans become increasingly amoral, one thing is stringently apparent, the rise of secularism and the decline of morality.

For the first time in the Pew research centers forty year history, more Americans believe the Bible to be a book of fables rather than believing the Bible is the literal Word of God, and the result is showing up in society.

Perhaps a reason for this is the regular brainwashing of students that God doesn’t exist; perhaps it’s because scientists and eugenicists continually push the agenda of evolution, or perhaps it’s what is plastered all over TV.

What is taking place in the West is the indoctrination of sin and the subversion of Biblical Truth. Morality is not something found in every creature on Earth rather it is special to humans, but with scientists continually equating a human life to that of an animal life, the lines are being crossed.

Evolutionary theory has a severe problem, morality. More than flesh and bones, how did humans ‘learn’ our morality, as is evident in nature there are no morals to a creature. Yet, we humans care for one another, yet we humans have the ability to understand the difference between right and wrong. But where did it come from?

According to secular studies morality has three proponent theories; Consequentialism, Freethinking, and Secular Humanism.

  • Consequentialism – “Consequentialists,” as described by Peter Singer, “start not with moral rules, but with goals. They assess actions by the extent to which they further those goals.”
  • Freethinking – Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that opinions should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason, and should not be influenced by authority, tradition, or other dogmas.
  • Secular Humanism – Secular humanism focuses on the way human beings can lead happy and functional lives. It posits that human beings are capable of being ethical and moral without religion or God, it neither assumes humans to be inherently evil or innately good, nor presents humans as “above nature” or superior to it.

None of the above frameworks, answer the questions, what is the difference between a human and an animal, or right and wrong. For example, with Consequentialism an individual without morals, would be hell-bent on accomplishing their ‘goal’ and would do anything and everything to obtain said goal, and that could include murder, depending on the goal.

In regards to free thinking, in order for one to use logic, one must already have a set of principles and the principles surely did not come from science and or reason.

Thirdly, secular humanistic morality is non-existent because of one simple thing, there are no rules except happiness. Well in some cases, individuals are happy that others are ‘not around anymore.’

Again, however, the question remains, just where did morality come from? According to the Christian, it came from God, as God created the Earth, He created man and woman, and every creature on this planet. Later on, God designated the Law to Moses. The Law, at that time, set apart every culture and society from the Israelites in the ancient world.

By removing what is set in stone, the moral law, which would be indirectly obeyed for generations to come, there is but one rule of law to a society, anything goes, which is where our culture and society are heading today.

Without God, there are no morals, because God designates them into the heart and in the mind, without God humanity becomes a breeding ground of lawlessness and savagery.

In America today, as the tide of secularism and culture chase away the Bible, the result is evident, humans are increasingly being equated to animals. The majority of the scientific community understand not the result of their actions, nor do they comprehend the agenda they are pushing. Such is evident with recent discoveries in the field of genetic engineering.

If humans are simply animals; we can be tested on like rats, we can be altered like crops, we can be caged like zoo animals, and we can be culled like a diseased herd of cows. The agenda at play combines the three secular moral frameworks into one, and each is waging war on the specialness of God’s creation, the human.

The ideological indoctrination of sin, separates us from God, the subversion of Biblical Truth alienates us from the reality of God’s existence, and the secularization of humanity destroys the morality that God gave us. A society built on the aforementioned is one that will resemble that of Karl Marx’s political ideology.

America has turned the page on Scripture and opened its doors to sin and death, as homosexuality and transgenderism run rampant in our schools, businesses, and churches people are forsaking the everlasting Word of God for deceitful pleasures because of what is shown on TV and pounded into the minds of the youth in schools. When lawlessness is rampant, the Christian is hunted.

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As America turns its back on God, one thing is stringently apparent; lawlessness is increased. What Paul Washer mentioned is exactly what is beginning to take place in America today, these are the birth pangs of the dangers that lie ahead for Christians should America continue down this path. Over 2000 years ago, the Bible predicted these days of lawlessness and where sin is running rampant, yet Christians are not sticking to the Word of God and are failing to comprehend the attack on faith at large.

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