A peculiar manual was released online in recent days, the document purports to be a handbook for the ANTIFA movement, but the question is its legitimacy. The materials origins supposedly trace back to Evergreen College, but once again the validity of the document is in question.

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Actions speak far louder than words, and what painstakingly offers credence to this document is the measures taken in recent months by groups calling themselves Anftia. However, the mainstream media is supporting their agenda and excusing their violence as if it is just a part of regular protesting. Interestingly enough the media’s blind acceptance of the groups calling themselves Antifa offers evidence that the press has been infiltrated as such was stated in their document.

One word, subtly sitting on page four above the section titled called ‘Control the media,’ describes exactly what is taking place in America today, subversion. The manual, whether true or not, describes an age-old agenda against America and The West, communism. Previously on January 10th, 1963, a manifesto was entered into the congressional record by a congressman from Florida. The manifesto was titled ‘the forty-five goals for a communist takeover.’

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Interestingly enough, both the actions of the Antifa groups and their purported manual provide evidence that the agenda for communism to take over the West is in full swing. Countless times, Americans have been warned of the subversive tactics of our adversaries in foreign lands. As explained by Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, ideological subversion takes many generations to complete and as we see today, both by the protests and by the media, that subversion is well underway.

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Christ warns the Christian to be watchful because our enemy walks around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, and watch: for your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” Communism is the death of freedom, it is the death of free speech, it is the death of modern day Christianity, yet our churches are being subverted by fallacies and empty dreams from pastors who seek to enrich themselves rather than awaken their congregations.

Communism is responsible for more deaths than Hitler many times over, yet in Charlottesville, the media supported the communists rather than denouncing all hate like President Trump. According to people who actually attended the rally that contradicts reality;

(The following comes from the Christian Post)

I’m confused. I’m serious. I was in Charlottesville, Virginia, during the riots and what I observed and what I saw in the media’s coverage are, for the most part, two very different narratives.

Although the atmosphere was volatile everywhere I walked, I have to believe that it was Sovereignty that kept me away from the physical confrontations. I did, however, observe verbal ones. I saw various white supremacist groups filled with hate and evil intentions. They were armed with weapons and ready for a fight. I also watched members of Black Lives Matter as well as Communists/Marxists, carrying their hammer and sickle flags. They were also filled with hate and evil intentions.

That Which Corresponds to Reality

After returning home thankful that I was not injured, I turned on the television and, as expected, there was wall-to-wall coverage. The media was slamming the various white supremacist groups (and they should). But I immediately noticed something very perplexing. Very little if any coverage was being given to the various Communist and Marxist groups and violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists. It was as if the white supremacists were the only ones who were filled with hate. I kept waiting and waiting for someone to show images of the reality that we, who were actually there, observed. It has been several days since the riots, and I’m still waiting.

Somehow, someway, the media has found a way to state that communists and marxists are the ones with good intentions for America, lest we forget history we are doomed to repeat it. As Christians, all forms of hate are to flee from our hearts, so much so, that the Bible even states hate is equivalent to murder; 1 John 3:15Whosoever hateth his brother, is a manslayer: and ye know that no manslayer hath eternal life abiding in him.”

The Bible further directs the Christian to guard his heart and his mind, in Proverbs 4:23; “Keep thine heart with all diligence: for thereout cometh life,” and in 1 Peter 1:13; “Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind: be sober, and trust perfectly on that grace that is brought unto you, in the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

As Christians, we must guard our thoughts and our hearts, because as the alleged manual states, the communist agenda for America requires the utmost emotional response from all people to formulate their desired discord and division.

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