North American Union: John Kerry States Prepare for a “Borderless World”

John Kerry calls for a borderless world in which Americans can all prepare for the New World Order, but first here comes the North American Union.

America in the future will not be a country but rather a geographic location; which has no borders, has do distinct currency, and no laws of the land. This will be due to the fact, that America will be a part of a borderless world. The world in which there is one united global governance, and one unified currency, and one “united” people. This is the utopia of the New World Order, and John Kerry just called for it. Under a united front, the world will have the ruling class, the elites; and there will be one other class the common man, better known as the slave.

Under the New World Order, you won’t matter due to the fact, that every individual will sacrifice his or her rights, and his or her beliefs for the cause of the “collective greater good.” Under this utopia there will be no more wars, no more fighting, no more difference of religion, and everyone will have their little earthly purpose; which of course will only be to serve the government. All in favor?

John Kerry rants about this “borderless world,” but it’s not the first time the man as done so. In fact, it seems as though John Kerry is calling yet again for a new world order. Why is a government official of the United States of America announcing to graduate students for a “borderless world”?

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It’s all about the future, because future generations will be the slaves that operate the new world order, and under such, their opinions won’t matter. They will not have rights, nor will they have a choice because under this “utopia” only one will, will matter and that will is that of the ruling elite.

Sovereign nations, give each man his rights, dependent upon the country in which they live. Forsaking the rights of the individual will be the birthing of the hive mind, where everything and everyone is connected through devices planted within their foreheads. No, this is not a conspiracy. Google and tech companies alike are already working on embeddable technology that will connect each person to an AI (artificial intelligence), and this AI will make the decisions for that individual.

Want a vacation? Not to worry the AI has that covered, since you gave away your rights to privacy; the AI knows everything about you, and instead of a lousy vacation to the beach, you will have the full experience within the confinements of virtual reality. Who really wants to travel anyway?

In this wild world in which we live, individuals seek to do away with the rights of Americans, and no, they won’t tell you that they are about to steal your goods, or rob your rights; they will sway you into the belief structure of the new world order. Where instead of individualism, collectivism is required.

Serving a government that seeks total control over your thoughts, your actions, your movements, and every single thing an individual does; that is the New World Order, and it is headed by satan himself. Which of course is what John Kerry just called for.