Obama in his final address to the United Nations called for a “course correction” towards globalism. In other words, Obama called for the New World Order to rise through globalism. A steady, yet alarming, trend has taken the world by storm, globalism.

Full Obama UN Final Speech

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Editors Note – At exactly 8:59 is where Obama is speaking about the course correction.

Globalism will lead the world directly into a One World Government, result in the decline of countries, and to the rise of regions. The countries of Earth are undergoing a massive geopolitical shift, from the post-World War 2 era into the New World Order era.

Obama explicitly stated, “the existing path to global integration requires a course correction.”

Global Integration or a united world, lead by one government, or in other words a One World Government, New World Order, is the end game for the cabal. Within this globalism scheme is the plan to remove national borders and create regions; within this agenda is to eliminate currencies and create a currency, within this scheme is to remove the diverse religions of the world and create a One World Religion. The globalist ideology is the death of freedom, and the birth of the Beast System.

The Beast System is exactly what Obama and his cronies are attempting to accomplish. However, Obama only has a few months left before his term ends as US president, which means the “torch” will have to be carried by another globalist, progressive in the White House, enter Hitlary Clinton.

While Obama calls for a course correction, Hillary Clinton plans the “new” course. Under a Hillary Clinton presidency the Constitution of the United States stands in grave jeopardy because she is also a globalist; backed by globalists.

Globalism ideology requires the integration of nations rather than the separatism, borders, of nations. Obama is not the only one who is pushing for such an agenda to take place. Large corporations, banks, elitists, and satanists, are all attempting to “correct” the world into globalism which will give rise to their One World Government. Leaving us the citizenry, to fend for ourselves or accept global slavery. The agenda, which was renewed by the UN in 2015, is called Sustainable Development or Global Goals. Through these global goals, international corporations will aspire to acquire vast, previously unattained, political power through laws such as the T.P.P, Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The conglomerate globalist agenda will lead the world directly into unending strife, and the despair of nations rather than the rise of true unity.