The largest move against online free speech is just days away, and unless Congress intervenes – our ability to speak freely online falls into jeopardy. Within days foreign bodies such as the United Nations, will control ALL access to the internet.


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The laws of the USA have protected the internet, and the speech thereof under the First Amendment, but the second that the web is transferred to international bodies, is the second the Internet is no longer protected by the laws of the USA. Thereby free speech online falls into jeopardy. The Obama administration is ceding control of the internet to the UN on September 30th, 2016; and the troubling fact is, that the Senate has yet to even attempt to prohibit this transfer of power.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the nonprofit organization responsible for maintaining databases for internet domain names, essentially the phone book for the internet.

The Obama administration announced the goal of ending the U.S. contractual oversight of ICANN in 2014, and asked ICANN to submit a plan to fill the gap of U.S. withdrawal and to implement stronger accountability measures to make sure ICANN does not abuse its authority.

After two years of negotiations and effort, the Obama administration says that it is satisfied with the proposal even though it is incomplete.

Many of the reforms deemed necessary by the ICANN community to make ICANN accountable absent U.S. oversight will not be complete before next summer. Likewise, important legal questions that could threaten ICANN, the transition, or the stability of the internet remain unanswered. Finally, the new governance model is untested—we actually do not know if it will have the capability of governing ICANN and preventing it from abusing its authority.

Analysts at The Heritage Foundation warn that governments will gain new influence over the internet, that its freedom will suffer, and that ICANN leadership (both CEO Göran Marby and staff) will continue its troubling pattern of ignoring bylaws without the community holding leadership accountable.

This is important. Our economy and security are increasingly dependent on the internet. We should not be taking a blind leap into the unknown. But that is exactly what the Obama administration is proposing.

So What Could Internet Censorship Look Like?

Once the power transfer is complete, which will take time; this would not end free speech online instantaneously, rather it would take months to years for the despotic regimes of the world to fully “shut down” free speech.

Secondly, as previously seen, with youtube as the leading example, some steps would be taken to “discourage” certain topics from appearing online unless by “authorized” outlets. Such as (*)Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.

Then the policing would be implemented, and that would be done by the community of online users – which would allow anyone that disagrees with your content to “flag” that content for removal, and then after a certain number of flags would a site be “removed” from the internet.

The reason there could be no outright censorship online right away, is because of the potential protesting that would take place. The globalists are committed to their agenda, and they know what works, and what doesn’t work. The methodology used by the globalists so far, is the slow agenda, the agenda which systematically changes belief systems over time, not right away.

Finally, once this transfer is complete on October 1st, there is no going back; which is why it must be stopped, now.

Editors Note: It is evident that the globalists are using Youtube as a testing ground for their attacks on free speech.



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We can stop it with the Law(Divine) Deuteronomy 4:1-2 remember fraud #1:Man-Made legislation. Acknowledged of man law over our Creator Law. Study Scriptures(bible) on spiritual… Read more »


So how can we fight this? Does this not have to go through the senate first?


Where is the petition?

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Vibrant Rose

Plus a YouTube exodus would be nice to see. There’s Vimeo and or you can try

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Vibrant Rose

How else can we stay in touch with you freedom fighter? I thought about skype but you probably only add those whom you know better… Read more »