The United Nations and Pope Francis have aligned their ideology with that of population control, don’t be fooled by their kind way of saying it.

“We need at some point to have a limited number of people which is why Pope Francis and his three most recent predecessors have always argued that you should not have more children than you can bring up properly,” a panelist at a Vatican-run workshop on “how to save the natural world” stated on Thursday.

The solution mentioned by the panel (shown above) to bringing about ’sustainable development’ was presented by botanist and environmentalist Peter Raven during a press conference that concluded the “Biological Extinction” workshop which took place at the Vatican recently.

The panel included: Greg Burke, moderator of panel and director of the Holy See Press Office, Raven, President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS), Werner Arber, University of Cambridge Professor Emeritus of Economics Partha Dasgupta, and PAS Chancellor Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo.

“We do not endorse any of the artificial birth control [methods] that the Church does not endorse,” said Raven.


According to Raven, the essential part to halting “overpopulation” is that “we need a more limited number of people in the world.” In addition to the aforementioned, Raven stated “the problem is one of inequality,” where the rich use more of the world’s resources than the poor.

“In the framework of social justice worldwide we need to find ways for natural resources to be distributed on the basis of compassion and love. We hope for support in our ongoing support for our endeavor to develop sustainability,” he said.

All panel members conjectured that the survival of Earth is directly linked to the amount of individuals on this planet. The biological extinction workshop drew vast controversy over a particular paper that was authored by the notorious pro-abortion population control advocate Dr. Paul Ehrlich.

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Previously, we at the Christian Journal have reproved that what is being taught to our children in schools, is the supposition that they won’t be allowed to have children and shouldn’t. In fact, a prominent environmentalist and professor teaches, that to stop climate change the United Nations must enforce ‘population engineering.’ He states this to manipulate students from having children, all while having his own.

A synopsis of the Pope and the Biological Extinction Panels discussion is that mankind’s last hope of living ‘sustainably’ is to be non-existent, therefore don’t have children. One of the natural methods mentioned by the panel was that of ‘taxes and regulations.’ Surprisingly that’s already in the works at the United Nations. Recently, at the gathering for World Wildlife Day on Friday, on March 3rd, John Knox, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, summed up an answer to their riddle of Human Rights and Environmental Law, by stating;

“People cannot fully enjoy their human rights without the services that healthy ecosystems provide.” Mr. Knox emphasized. “And protecting biodiversity is necessary to ensure that ecosystems remain healthy and resilient.”

Thus, the United Nations is attempting to link the two, which would allow for environmental ‘lawbreakers’ to be met with the same punishments found under Human rights abusers. Sometimes, it’s taxes, other times its regulations.

The audacity of the Catholic Church to support such ideology can be understood by the research used to showcase their message. Dr. Paul Ehrlich, the author mentioned above, supports mass murder. In other words, in an interview with The Guardian, Ehrlich, advocated for cutting the world’s population by 6 billion people to bring it down to 1 billion.

“A world population of around a billion would have an overall pro-life effect,” The Guardian indirectly quoted Sanford biologist Paul Ehrlich as saying. “This could be supported for many millennia and sustain many more human lives in the long term compared with our current uncontrolled growth and prospect of sudden collapse,” the British daily wrote about its conversation with Ehrlich.

Days before the Vatican symposium titled “Biological Extinction” was held – behind closed doors – in Rome, from February 27th to March 1st, two of the key speakers, Dr. Paul Ehrlich and Sir Partha Dasgupta, spoke to The Guardian about the conference.

“Biologists say half of all species could be extinct by end of century,” blared the headline, warning that the largest “extinction event” in millions of years will lead to “the eradication of most other life forms.” According to Ehrlich, the ecological catastrophe is man-made, mainly by rich western countries and will only be prevented by the radical social and economic changes needed to save the planet’s biosphere.

This scaremongering ideology is derived directly from eugenics and evolution; so why in the world is the Catholic Church supporting such? Better yet why in the world is the Pope urging families to limit the amount of children? Using such ideology rampantly showcases the blasphemy within the Catholic Church and further proves the communist injections by Pope Francis. The divide is even evident within the Catholic Church, as a matter of fact, according to Life News;

“Earlier this week a global coalition of Catholic pro-life and pro-family organizations urged Catholics to “resist” the Vatican’s increasing alliance with the leftist agenda, specifically as championed by the United Nations, warning that such an alliance poses an “immediate and serious threat” to children and the family.”

The radical ideology being pushed by the panel, the Pope, the United Nations, educators, and prominent scientists, foretells what is to come upon the following generations, severe population control. What could quite possibly start as regulations and taxes, could quickly escalate into the sterilization of billions of people.

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