Russia Returns: The Former Soviet State Seeks To Create A Multipolar World Order and Replace the US on The World Stage

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has sat atop the international world order and dictated democracy to nations globally. The US-led system has created a world in which capitalism and governance flourished internationally, all the while global actors are determined to create a multipolar world order based on governmental efficiency.

The election of Donald Trump signaled that a change was afoot in the Western hemisphere. No longer did the majority of Americans desire the overreaching, globalist, socialist, hands of the former; instead, the populace of the 50 states elected ‘America First.’ In doing such, the perception became that America is returning to isolationism when in reality the global agreements set in place by the latter created the same achievement to which they claim to be at war with.

For decades the United States has eroded our own national economy, crushed our own moral compass, and forgotten what made America, America. At the close of World War Two, the United States opposed the Soviet Union and constructed an international shadow system which disallowed countries to violate the rights of their own people. All the while other nations took note and formulated just how to defeat the behemoth of a nation that became the United States.

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