The New World Order is actively being built according to former SecDef Chuck Hagel, even though it technically remains a “conspiracy theory.” At the Domenici Forum, this September 2016 Hagel attended and made some staggering remarks about the global order, and how it is reshaping our world.

The Full Speech is the second video below.

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“What we are going through is a historic redefining and rebuilding of a new world order. World orders always have lifetimes,” Hagel said. “This current world order has been about the complete domination of the United States of America. No other power on earth has been close.”

The World Order that has been in place since world war 2 and prior is changing. The geopolitical landscape is drastically altering its appearance and according to Hagel it’s not so much from the decline of the United States, but rather the rising of other nations, he said.

“The world has never seen a time where there is so much economic power in the world as there is today,” Hagel said. “China will be a very significant, dominant power in world for a long time.

“That causes some reflection in this country, to lead to the wrong conclusion for our national interests, that somehow America has become weaker. I don’t think America has become weaker; other nations have grown and prospered.

“Go back and look at what we did after WWII. Wasn’t that the objective? Wasn’t that the point? The more engagement you have in the world means the better you understand each other and the less the chances of war.” Former Sen. Pete Domenici attends his signature Domenici

Hagel even mentioned the political landscape of the 2016 elections and how the New World Order has brought about a change in the “political order” as well.

“There’s nothing wrong with the U.S. Senate. There’s nothing wrong with our founding institutions. Our politics just reflects a new world order being built. A new political order in also being built.

“I started out with the Republican Party many years ago. I don’t know what the party is today,” he said. “That’s not good or bad, but the Republican Party today doesn’t look anything like the party I first joined.”

Hagel also said he believes the chief national threat comes from what he calls “uncontrollables.”

“The world is becoming more dangerous, more complicated, more interconnected, more combustible,” he said. “All of the great powers except China are flying around Syria, and the likelihood of mistake or accident or something that would spark a major conflict is very real.”

Hagel then went on to say that the reign of Henry Kissinger style of grandiose policy is over.

“The operative word for the next president is ‘manage.’ The days of grandiose policy like (Henry) Kissinger are over,” he said. “You have to manage these things, and it’s difficult and it’s uneven,” he said. “But we’re up to it.”

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that Hagel mentioned the New World Order, in September 2014 he previously warned about it, and then got fired.

“Well I think it’s the dangerous, unpredictability of a world that is trying to define a New World Order, we have never seen such a delusion of such economic power…” – See Here

Hagel has a point; the New World Order is being built, right now.

The globalists are doing just that, creating a global order that will both reshape America and reshape the world. Under a presidency of Hillary Clinton, the United States would dissipate; according to her policy; there would be no borders within 100 days after she takes office. The globalists are pushing hard to fulfill their agenda which involves the removal of the 50 states to create the North American Union.

The World is on the verge of the biggest power shift in modern history, and that shift is to a nationless, borderless world. In place of countries and states, there are regions. These regions will be controlled by a central organization or a central power structure that oversees everything. This system is called the New World Order.

The New World Order is being built right now it was never a conspiracy theory; it is reality.