The UN Security Council just selected António Guterres, former Portuguese prime minister who is a socialist to be the next Secretary General. In other words, the United Nations just further implemented their communist agenda for a New World Order by selecting a socialist leader.

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What comes before communism? Socialism. The 67-year-old socialist politician will be the first former head of government to become UN chief. Usually at “odds” the UN showed a rare form of unity, all fifteen ambassadors from the security council emerged from the sixth in a series of straw polls to announce that they had agreed on Guterres.

But before Guterres worked for the UN, he served as the president of Socialist International (SI), a global network of national socialist parties seeking to establish “democratic socialism” around the world.

SI was formed after World War II, and helped fund socialist movements in Spain and Portugal. In the late 1980s, SI even funded the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua — a move that flew in the face of U.S. interests.

Guterres also became the leader of Portugal’s Socialist Party in 1992, and then the country’s prime minister when socialists won a major electoral victory in 1995.

Guterres enjoyed widespread popularity in his early years, increasing welfare spending and taxes to cut budget deficits. He was re-elected in 1999, but his popularity crumbled when economic growth stalled and the Hintze Ribeiro Bridge collapsed and killed 59 people.


The recommended head of the UN has yet to be officially selected by the 193 member-states which are set to vote next Thursday, October 13th, 2016. If officially selected Guterres will begin his five-year term at the turn of the year, January 1st, 2017. Guterres’s selection marks a massive turning point for both the United Nations and the world.

Guterres is a socialist at heart, who holds firm beliefs in a unified world currency. Guterres made meeting the criteria for membership in the euro single currency area a priority and Portugal was among the 11 nations that adopted the common currency when it was launched in 1999.


Under the guise of “democratic” socialism, the United Nations is preparing the way for an actual communist world government where the people of the world do not elect a single individual to operate and practically control 193 nations, instead the person is typically selected in secret; except for this year. Attempting to obtain trust from all sides of the world, the United Nations opened up the selection process for a global leader and allowed 193 world leaders to question the candidates.

The twist, all while the UN is claiming openness and transparency they are rapidly binding all forms of freedom from around the world, such as the climate, agriculture, the economy and so on. While the world is busy “fighting” climate change, the UN is busy activating communist sections of their agenda for a New World Order and to fit what they adopted their agenda onto the world stage what better way to fool the world than socialist ideology.

Socialism is a temporal form of government that often fails, and typically Communism follows.

Socialism refers to a set of economic systems in which the means of production and distribution are under social ownership, management within economic institutions is based on collective decision-making or worker self-management, and the economy is primarily geared toward production for use. It also refers to a broad array of ideologies and political movements which have the goal of achieving this type of socio-economic system. Control of production may be either direct—exercised through popular collectives such as workers’ councils—or indirect—exercised on behalf of the people by the state. As an economic system, socialism is often characterized by state, worker, or community ownership of the means of production, goals which have been attributed to, and claimed by, a number of political parties throughout history. For Karl Marx, who helped establish and define the modern socialist movement, socialism would be the socioeconomic system that arises after a proletarian revolution, in which the means of production are owned co-operatively by the working class so that the surplus product generated would be used to benefit all of society, and the economy would no longer be structured upon the law of value.


Sounds good right? Wrong, democratic socialism is the ideology of collectivism over individualism, meaning that what is done for the country can supersede that which is done for the individual. In other words, the collective comes first, and the individual comes never. Meaning that the ruling parties decision overrides the rights of the individual; when such a class is in place, it allows for the rise of totalitarianism, nazism, marxism, and communism.

The significant difference between socialism and democratic socialism is subliminal. Meaning that while socialism uses revolutions and revolts, democratic socialism uses Subversion as their primary weapon.

Subversion is defined as: “The Latin root subvertere means “to turn from below,” and when you turn something on its head in a sneaky way, that’s subversion. Imagine digging a hole in the ground, then covering the hole with a layer of sticks and leaves. When someone walks on it, they fall in. That’s the basic idea of subversion, attacking from below.”

Subversion is a sick slow method of war, where the enemy is within or below and slowly rises to power. But, by the time that individual is in power the ideology, morals, and honesty or loyalty is totally whitewashed.

The satanic cabal which seeks control through methods of communism and socialism are not waving weapons around, they are waving demoralizing ideology, and brainwashing the youth to accept and obey rather than stick to their moral compasses.

The next phase of the global takeover for a New World Order was declared when the New Global Human Order agenda was adopted by the UN General Assembly, and now it has a leader.

Over the course of the next five years, Guterres’s term, rapid changes will begin to take effect around the world, and will all follow the line of communism ideology.