United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned America, that if the USA disengages from international issues, the USA will be replaced on the world stage.

The Socialist Guterres stated that the US’s proposed budget cuts would create “an unsolvable problem to the management of the U.N.,” and that the US would likely be replaced on the international stage by other actors if the Trump administration continues to withdraw from international relations and foreign policy.

“In relation to other question that you raised, it is clear for me, contrary to physics, in physics there was an idea, during many centuries that nature would not tolerate the void, but that idea proved wrong, it is possible to have vacuum in nature, but not in international relations, when someone is absent, or when someone doesn’t engage in a situation, or when someone leaves space, that space is always occupied by others, and so I believe that if the United States disengages in relation to many aspects of foreign policy, international relations, it will be unavoidable that other actors will occupy that space. And I don’t think that this is good for the United States and I don’t think that this is good for the world.”


In accordance with the Secretary General’s statements, and with the declarations made by Xi Jinping of China, it is increasingly evident that the United Nation’s “vacuum” or “space” left by the United States will be occupied by the communist nation of China.

Since the founding of the United Nations,’ the international governing body has moved in one direction, towards socialism, up until the Trump administration occupied the White House the United States was aligned with the United Nations in moving in one direction, towards socialism. As the Trump administration took office, it would appear as though the US is stepping back from that agenda.

As China takes its global seat the goal of the United Nations becomes ever more evident, communism; as Vladimir Lenin stated: “the goal of socialism is communism.”

With the US stepping back, it is evident that the world is increasingly becoming multipolar.

“Polarity in international relations is any of the various ways in which power is distributed within the international system. It describes the nature of the international system at any given period of time. One generally distinguishes four types of systems: unipolarity, bipolarity, tripolarity, and multipolarity for four or more centers of power. The type of system is completely dependent on the distribution of power and influence of states in a region or globally.”

With China ready to occupy the “void” left by the United States it is evident that a New World Order is afoot, which just so happens to be what Xi Jinping called for back in February at the Davos Summit for the international elitists, and just after the Trump administration took office in January.


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