In the aging land of the free, America, the government is set upon a foundational principle, the rights of the individual. However, those, such as Parag Khanna, wish to see the home of the brave ‘evolve.’

America set the international pace throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and defined the global order abroad when communism and socialism had run amok. With the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit, millions of people across the world grappled with the reality that the establishment had lost to the people.

However, according to Parag Khanna, a former advisor to Barack Obama, a CNN Global Contributor and Senior Research Fellow in the Center on Asia and Globalization at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, the United States, and the United Kingdom are dinosaurs in need of change. In addition, Mr Khanna believes that the Brexit and Trump’s election were symptoms of ‘the extremes’ which our market-based democracies couldn’t control. Furthermore, Mr Khanna describes that the rest of the world didn’t feel the ‘punch of the people’ because they are social democracies.

Körber-Stiftung: So the end of the world was inevitable, and you even seem to look forward to it …

Khanna: It was inevitable that Brexit and the election of Trump happened in two Anglo-Saxon states. At the end of 2016, everyone assumed the dominoes were falling across the West. But the West is not a uniform entity. Dominoes did not fall in Canada, France or Germany. Why? Because those are social democracies and multi-party systems that can moderate their extremes. Frankly, they are better regime forms than the market democracies in the US and the UK. Especially in the US, the quality of governance decreased steadily over the past years. One could view it as evolutionary competition among different kinds of states facing the same challenges. Just like in evolution, you can become extinct. So do you want to be a duck-billed platypus or do you want to be a biped with fingers and limbs? No one wants to have governments anymore that do not protect people in a world of disruption!

Mr Khanna’s objective is to transform the international order into one based entirely on population instead of governmental power and or individual rights. Furthermore, Mr Khanna states that for the past twenty-seven years; “since the end of the Cold War, I do not recall any phase where everyone was playing by the same rules or in which power dynamics disappeared. This is a Eurocentric perspective. Asia’s rules were never Washington’s rules, but Asia makes up 52 percent of the planet’s population. We Westerners are so shocked right now, because we have never listened to the rest of the world. Guess what, now it is talking.”

But what Mr Khanna is failing to grapple with is the reality that during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the East was ‘talking,’ and the West was listening, to the sounds of 100 million dying from the ‘fist’ of communism and socialism.

After the dust settled from the fall of the National Socialist German Party and the United Soviet Socialist Russian Party an international order was not created. Instead, the United States helped shape the governing bodies left by the destruction of the aforementioned political ideologies.

Previously, Parag Khanna has produced novelties which detail that America should do away entirely with the Constitution and replace the government with a technocratic form of governance. But wait, there are several authors, speakers, contributors, and advisors across the globe with similar ideologies, so what makes Mr Khanna more influential than they?

  1. Parag Khanna was an advisor to former US President Barack Obama
  2. Mr Khanna serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council

The World Economic Forum, precisely at the 2017 Davos meeting, is where Xi Jinping the Communist President of China made known his agenda, to replace the United States on the world stage. In addition, the WEF (World Economic Forum) released in 2016 their additions to Agenda 2030 which detailed how the world will look in the near future. Further, the WEF is preparing the world for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one in which man no longer utilizes tools, instead man becomes the tool, see the below video for more.


Mr. Khanna has also previously released information that entails the complete industrial restructuring of America, as seen below. Parag is also working with the United Nations to create the infamous megacities through Agenda 2030, specifically goal nine.

Mr. Khanna has become a key influencer of our time, and while utilizing such, he also wishes to demolish the borders of the fifty states in America and develop a transnational union between Mexico, Canada, and the United States, officially named the North American Union.

Mr Khanna believes that the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit are signs of a bygone era, and that the dominoes which fell symbolize in ‘evolutionary terms,’ how far advanced social democracies across the world have become over the dinosaurs that are market-based democracies.

Parag would later suggest that America is increasingly becoming irrelevant in international relations. What he is describing, is what the United Nations and the Globalists are suggesting, America no more.

At the turn of the presidency the Chinese Communist president Xi Jinping stated their agenda, which was to replace the United States on the World Stage, and throughout the past few decades, the communist country has worked tirelessly to achieve a time when America no longer was the dominant force in international relations.

Mr. Khanna wages that the world must head in the direction of a technocracy, while China wishes the world towards communism. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches the planned government being fomented by advisors and foreign governments alike is one in which the rights of the individual are irrelevant.

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