Alert – UN Report: Robots Will Replace Two-Thirds of All Workers

    By Nate  Published: November 18, 2016

    • Not only will 75 percent of jobs go to automation, but the developing world may even see swaths of companies leaving their shores since labor will be less of a factor for industry.
    • Plans, such as a universal basic income, need to be initiated before this process proliferates and these regions are plunged into even more dire circumstances.

    Labor-Cost Advantage?

    (FUTURISM) — From recent reports, it may seem like automation only affects those in developed countries. But a report from the UN Conference on Trade and Development says that it might also affect those in developing countries, likely, even more so.

    The report explains that, “The increased use of robots in developed countries risks eroding the traditional labor-cost advantage of developing countries.” It cites another report from the World Bank that states: “The share of occupations that could experience significant automation is actually higher in developing countries than in more advanced ones, where many of these jobs have already disappeared.” This means that low-skill jobs in developing countries are more vulnerable since these jobs could also be done by robots, thus displacing human low-skill labor in these countries. This translates to about “two thirds of all jobs” developing countries might lose to automation.

    It states that automation could run the risk of having economic activity, like the manufacturing industry, be reshored to developed countries from developing ones. Reshoring is the act of bringing back domestic manufacturing to a country. It is already happening today but according to the report, it’s happening in a slow pace.

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