Apocalypse Rumors: ‘Doomsday Library’ opens in Norway

    By The Editor  Published: March 28, 2017

    DailyMail — In the hopes of protecting the world’s most important books, a second ‘Doomsday Vault’ has been opened in the frozen Arctic wasteland of Svalbard, Norway.

    The precious books will be stored in digital form, allowing them to survive the most extreme conditions, including nuclear war.

    Alongside Norway, representatives from Brazil and Mexico will be the first to save copies of their files in the vault.

    The vault, which is called the World Arctic Archive, is based in Svalbard, which is already home to the Global Seed Vault – a huge collection of seeds that would allow humanity to survive, should food supplies be wiped out.

    Incredible new technology by a firm called Piql, will be used to store data as film, rather than hard drives, or other forms of storage.

    With expertise in film and using both EU funds and support from the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway, Piql has performed vast research on film as a storage medium.

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