Banks All over the World Are Preparing For An Economic Nuclear Winter

    By Nate  Published: August 29, 2016


    Banks all over the world are preparing for an economic nuclear winter due to “uncertainty” within the market. According to CNBC quoting a major lender, banks are “preparing for an economic nuclear winter situation.”

    Furthermore, according to the Rothschild’s mankind is witnessing the greatest banking ‘experiment’ in history. Certainly, this level of preparation should warrant the masses to prepare for the worst. Both Germany and the Czech Republic warned their citizens of a coming ’disaster’ and stated that the citizenry should stock up on food and water. However, the masses fail to understand the dire position the world economy is in.

    According to CNBC Banks all over the world are preparing for an economic nuclear winter, in other words, they are preparing for an economic collapse.

    Deutsche Bank stated recently as well that to “fix” the economy it needs to collapse, such a collapse would ‘stimulate’ the economy. Bond yields are hitting record lows while the stock market is hitting record highs. The labor market is signaling full employment, but GDP growth remains lackluster.


    The economic collapse is coming according to the bankers; it’s time to prepare.

    “This could mean triggering Article 50, a referendum in other European nations leading to a break-up of the euro or sterling hitting below $1.20 or lower. The banks are ready for anything now,” the source in the bank told the broadcaster.

    After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in June, there have been talks a similar referendum may be held in France, the Netherlands and other countries.

    “Markets hate uncertainty and the events this year have unfortunately created a lot of mystery around what is going to happen next,” the source added.

    Shares in the biggest banks have been plummeting. Deutsche Bank has lost almost 45 percent, Credit Suisse has lost 41 percent and the Royal Bank of Scotland went down 35 percent in 2016. Uncertainty and volatility has been spotted in all areas of the economy from mining to car production.


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