China’s Yuncheng Salt Lake, Dead Sea, Turned BLOOD RED

    By Nate  Published: October 2, 2016


    An ancient lake in China has turned ominous; the Yuncheng Salt Lake turned blood red, and video shows just how nefarious this 500 million-year-old ‘Dead Sea’ really is.

    Officials are claiming that the lake has turned blood red because of organisms called Dunaliella salinas, or in other words algae. However, the reason these organisms turned red is because of an increase temperature and light intensity.


    What normally would appear as green algae, is turning red all over the world; the phenomenon has previously been seen in France, the US, Turkey and most recently in Iran.

    Mohammad Tourian, a scientist at the University of Stuttgart, told RT “In the marine environment Dunaliella salina appears green.” Speaking about Iran’s Lake Urmia turning deep red in July. “However, in conditions of high salinity and light intensity, the micro-algae turns red due to the production of protective carotenoids in the cells.”

    The oddity appears even more ominous when compared to the other side of the lake, which is a normal color.


    Even crazier is that this lake turned blood red, directly around the time that China announced plans for a “Religious Winter” which is an attempt to remove Christianity from the communist nation of China.

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    Just saw this just another sign of the End Times and His soon return.

    Marantha Come Lord Jesus, Come!