The CHURCH is DYING: Pro-Abortion Clergy Worshiping At The Feet Of Moloch

    By Nate  Published: November 6, 2016

    Western society is divided on basic issues of morality such as abortion. We have come to expect Christians to defend the sanctity of life in a society that allows abortion.

    The Church has been an advocate for the rights of children and a fierce opponent of anti-life policies, but there are now several pro-abortion protestant clergy who are making headlines.

    The irony of a Christian minister that advocates for the killing of the unborn is lost on these individuals who preach God’s love in the same breath that they praise the rights of women to choose to end the lives of their unborn children.

    Clergy of numerous denominations have all advocated for abortion in recent years. Mercifully few, these wolves in sheep’s clothing have been garnering headlines simply because they stand out, with their sermon of sin in the name of the Lord.

    On September 12th at Kentucky’s State Capitol building, a group of clergy from a variety of denominations held a rally in support of liberal positions for several social issues, which included advocating for abortion.

    The Higher Ground Moral Day of Action, as the event was known, promoted educational and economic equality, criminal justice reform and promoted abortion as essential ‘health care’ and a woman’s right.

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