What in the World? Crazy Creature Washed up on the Shores of Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

    By Nate  Published: October 5, 2016

    A video posted to LiveLeak appears to show a crazy creature that resembles a dead mermaid washed up on the shores of a coastal town in the United Kingdom called Great Yarmouth.

    According to the description of the video, the videogragher can’t be sure if it is a seal or not, but the individual claims that it bares the resemblance of a dead mermaid.

    Today at Great Yarmouth we found what looks like a dead Mermaid washed up on the beach 02.10.2016 Great Yarmouth uk this is my first upload so be gentle with me not sure if was a seal but it smelt real bad.

    The stories, myths, and legends can be traced all the way back to ancient Assyria, in which the deity Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover.

    As of late, according to the Youtube Channel Beyond Science the mermaid sightings are on the rise. As seen in the below video, which shows seven “real” mermaid sightings.

    Do you believe in the mermaids? Tell us what you think in the discussion below.

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    BibleGuyLaurenHw00dNateMeira Recent comment authors

    Crazy times don’t be afraid God bless.


    WoW, that’s no seal….short of it being fake, this is one helluva find…if real.


    What is that could it be a nephilim creature?


    A hoax equivalent to Marzulli’s fairy but he was honest enough to admit it when the tests proved it.