DARPA Creates System to Augment Soldiers and Artificial Intelligence

    By Nate  Published: June 2, 2017


    The future of war will not be waged by those who are the strongest, those who can shoot the best, or by those who have the most experience, rather the future of war will be fought by machines.

    Taken straight out of Call of Duty, technology and warfighters will mingle and work hand in hand. Beginning with a new system called TAR which stands for Tactical Augmented Reality, this will give soldiers a HUD, Heads-Up Display, just like the one used in the video game Call of Duty.

    The TAR system is already available on the battlefield, accept only in Black and White. However, a color system is being developed.

    TAR can provide real-time locations of friends and foes on the battlefield, custom maps, and directions, soldiers can even share what they see with other soldiers, and switch to night or thermal vision at the push of a button.

    TAR is not the only system being developed by DARPA and crew to bring Augmented Reality to the battlefield; another is HUNTR, Heads Up Navigation, Tracking, and Reporting, which took almost 30 years to be developed. HUNTR was predated by Land Warrior which was a project in the 1980’s to augment the soldier with technology.

    DARPA is creating technology that will further execute their goal of setting up a hive-minded soldier, interconnecting the minds of soldiers to artificial intelligence and to each other. TAR, Hunter, and Land Warrior are steps in the process that instead of add to the soldier will take humanity from the soldier.

    As the Christian Journal has previously covered, DARPA and IARPA have been busy attempting to integrate man and machine.

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