The Deep State is Attempting a Coup D’etat – Presidential Historian

    By Nate  Published: June 16, 2017

    Whether you’re for Trump or against Trump, it matters not, one thing is clear, the deep state is attempting to overthrow President Trump.

    The incredible amount of taxpayer money being wasted by sectors of the United States government to literally defeat the Democratically elected president of the USA is astonishing. Even though many disliked President Obama, the opposing side did not work in secret to undermine his presidency they bode their time and waited until the 2016 presidential selections.

    The American people spoke, and we did not want Hillary running things. All of the investigations, all of the time spent, and all of the resources the State Department, and Intelligence agencies have used thus far for investigating Donald Trump have turned up empty; the only thing that keeps surfacing are the crimes of the establishment, the coverups of HRC’s illegal activity and the undermining of the American people.

    A presidential historian, as seen in the video above, Doug Wead, claims that the entire effort by the left and the deep state is to cause the literal overthrow of a sitting United States President. If the shadow government is successful, regardless of if you are for Trump or against him, one thing can be certain – the American people who voted for Trump will erupt like never before.

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