FEMA Docs Reveal Government Preparing for a Total Blackout Caused by a Solar Storm

    By Nate  Published: June 22, 2017


    Unpublished FEMA documents reveal that the US government has both simulated and prepared for a modern day Carrington event, a solar storm of epic proportions.

    Imagine one day while you’re at home alone, and suddenly your smartphone stopped working, and wouldn’t turn on again; so you get ready to go to the store, and as you jump in the car, it doesn’t start. Now as panic begins to set in, you run inside and attempt to turn on the lights, computer, tv, microwave but to no avail, as you run back outside your neighbor is yelling at you with a similar situation. So you go for a walk to see what’s going on and just as the panic quells a bit, suddenly you begin to realize it’s not just your neighborhood that this is happening to, it’s what appears to be your whole town. With no clue as to the status of the surrounding towns, your whole world just got a lot smaller.

    What has just happened is a solar flare took out the entire power grid, our interconnected world was no more within a matter of hours, and to make matters worse, the government knew it was coming, but they just didn’t say anything.

    FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has prepared for just this event new documents, made available by, reveal. The following is FEMA’s plan to respond in the event a modern day Carrington event takes place.

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