Fights Break Out Across the Nation As Violence Erupts Across America

    By The Editor  Published: November 9, 2016

    Donald Trump’s presidential victory has sparked protests across America with some demonstrators setting trash on fire, smashing windows and burning the US flag.

    Supporters of rival candidates clashed outside the White House as Americans woke up to the reality of Trump’s surprise win after the most divisive presidential campaign in recent history.

    Meanwhile, parties held on university campuses across liberal states soon turned into wakes as swathes of red covered the electoral college map.

    Hundreds of people on California college campuses and in Oregon marched against the Republican’s election in the early hours.

    Police says at least 500 people swarmed on streets in and around UCLA early Wednesday morning, some shouting anti-Trump expletives.

    Shortly before 3am EST, Hillary Clinton called her Republican rival to concede defeat after seeing Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida all turn red.

    Trump took to the stage and praised Clinton’s hard work during her political career.

    Demonstrators were held at University of California campuses and neighborhoods in Berkeley, Irvine and Davis and at San Jose State.


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