Florida Sheriff Warns Americans Need To Arm Up Now, Declares ‘This is War’

    By The Editor  Published: June 12, 2017


    SHTFPlan — A Florida Sheriff’s video, which urges civilians to arm themselves and prepare for war, is quickly making the rounds on social media. But he has a point when one listens logically. He warns that when a mass murderer strikes, the government won’t immediately be there to save you; it’ll be your job to save yourself.

    Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted the controversial video message on Facebook Wednesday, two days after a deadly workplace shooting in nearby Orlando claimed the lives of five people. The Florida sheriff urged citizens to arm themselves in self-defense saying “this is war.”

    He doesn’t mean war in the sense that nukes will be flying, but the war against mass homicides and sociopaths who only seek the destruction of human life. “What’s next is to fully understand that this is war, and you better be prepared to wage war to protect you, your family, and those around you if attacked,” he said. Ivey stressed that attackers rely on people running, hiding, and waiting for help, rather than fighting back. And they will use guns, knives, bombs, and even trucks to kill innocents. “What they don’t count on is being attacked themselves, having to become defensive to save their own lives,” Ivey argued.

    Become the first line of defense to prevent the loss of life, and protect yourselves and others. That was the underlying message the sheriff sought to convey.

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