HENRY KISSINGER SUPPORTS TRUMP? Calls Trump A ‘Phenomenon That Foreign Countries Haven’t Seen’

    By The Editor  Published: December 19, 2016


    (THE HILL) — Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in an interview Sunday that President-elect Donald Trump could go down in history as a “very considerable president.”

    “Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen,” Kissinger said on CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

    “So it is a shocking experience to them that he came in to office. At the same time, extraordinary opportunity.”

    Kissinger said every country now has to consider two things.

    “One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities,” he said.

    The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at The Hill

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    Joe MillerScott TeeDebora RatcliffKeithJack Bennett Recent comment authors
    Debora Ratcliff
    Debora Ratcliff

    Could not find the rest of the article. Disappointing when someone wants to learn the truth these days and yet media, who claim to be… Read more »

    Jack Bennett
    Jack Bennett

    Well, he didn’t really say much… Nothing we didn’t already know.

    BL Walsh
    BL Walsh

    What a sham and a display of hate put together by a critical dying old jackass that funeral was. What a sham to present oneself… Read more »

    Jo Scott
    Jo Scott

    Kissinger, 93 and still got it. Pity the mentally deficient in congress doesn’t.

    Kenneth Ray Blythe
    Kenneth Ray Blythe

    I Love it That He Stands For Our Country and Not apologizing For It