Is The Stock Market About To Collapse? Marc Faber, Financial Expert, Warns Stocks Set To Plummet by 40 Percent or More

    By Nate  Published: June 26, 2017


    Marc Faber the original “Dr. Doom” is predicting that a massive stock market plunge could take place soon.

    A drop that large could take the S&P 500 Index down from Friday’s closing price of 2,438 to 1,463.

    “We’ve had more than eight years of a bull market. The Nasdaq is being driven by very few stocks,” said Faber on Friday’s “Trading Nation.” That rally “is not a particularly healthy sign from a technical point of view, and valuations are very high,” the investor added.

    Dr. Doom’s comments come just after the NASDAQ set its intraday record high of 6,341.70.

    “You know we have a lot of volatility, and when things will start to go down, they’ll go down a lot,” he said.

    After reviewing the interview, what do you think are we facing another stock market crash?

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